3:00 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

I never really understood people who say things like "this dress makes me want to have another baby girl!!" .. Well! Now, I totally get it! I feel like having another little bundle just so I can purchase gDiapers.

What a great find!!

So what are G diapers?

G diapers are 100% biodegradable and FLUSH-ABLE diapers. Amazing!! Put waste where it belongs!! In the toilet, not in a landfill. A third kind of diaper, if you will.

"gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage and no guilt. In fact, the gRefills are so gentle on the Earth you can even garden compost the wet ones in one compost cycle, approximately 50 – 150 days."

And! They are cute too!

Look at these little gPants!! They are diaper covers for your Eco friendly diapers! I just love the colors! I think I would have to purchase one of each.

Switching to gDiapers are another small thing we can all do to go green! I really cannot believe I haven't heard of these before! I wish my little boy was still little enough to wear these. I will definitely have my next one sporting gDiapers.

For information on where to buy, tips on composting, and other great info visit


  1. crystalyn said...

    :-) several of our neighborhood friends use them. We use Bum Genius -- a greener alternative, but a ton of work! We're ready for the potty training stage!

  2. Misty said...

    Cute and I could see why they would make you want another! :)

  3. Mrs. Williams said...

    Super cute diapers, I think I more so like the covers. I might order the covers just to cover up my babies huggies (lol).
    But, I would have to say I don't like them enough to have another-ha!!! I have never heard of diapers like these-I'm going to have to do more research.

  4. Zingo Tots said...

    Hey! I have not been over in awhile...just wanted to say I LOVE the new look of your blog!
    So bright & cheery!!!!
    Cute stuff!