I Am Obsessed With American Apparel

1:03 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

A friend turned me on to American Apparel a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot get enough!!

I am REALLY digging the Interlock High Waist Skirt!! It comes in a variety of different colors and is only $34.00. You know you are getting quality when you shop AA.

Best of all!! There are SOO many ways to wear it!!

In the top photo:
You can see the model wearing a black high waist interlock skirt paired with a cotton spandex jersey long sleeve body suit. Simple and super cute!

This green skirt is actually the grass green/black high waist skirt being worn as a dress. The band is a different color but it's all one piece!

Here you can see the navy colored high waist skirt paired with the lightweight sheer rib Ragalan Pullover and a cotton beret as the perfect accessory!

This is one of my favorite looks! A high waist skirt paired with suspenders and a short sleeve plaid button up shirt

Last! I love the high waist skirt with an AA Sash as an accent accessory!

I will probably be getting a few in each color this summer! I cant wait to shop, these are to die for! I love how many different ways you can wear the skirts and that they come in a variety of different lengths. Simple yet sophisticated!

What's super wonderful is that AA also has little deals here and their on their site! Right now, they are offering 15% off your purchase at the Mockingbird Station (Dallas) store..all you have to do is print this little coupon off their site:

Hurry!! Coupon expires Feb 15th!

Be sure to check out what deals AA has at your local store!!!

I had a chance to shop around myself.. here how I wear some of the skirts:

In fact! American Apparel loved these looks so much they asked if I could upload them onto their ways to wear it site: