A very cute cocktail dress-How to wear a pettiskirt

10:19 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

For Christmas, I had the pleasure of making a pettiskirt for my good friends sister as a gift. Well, I absolutely fell in love with the way she used it and I thought I would share!!

Isn't this the greatest New Year's outfit ever??

The black "dress" part of the outfit is this cotton spandex jersey high waist skirt. These can be found at American Apparel in several different colors.

And the royal blue/turquoise fluff is of-course the pettiskirt I created! The metallic satin you see higher up on the dress is the waist band of the pettiskirt. The adult sizes are pretty long (about 19" in length but they can always be shortened to fit your requests!)

Best part? All handmade/American made! No Chinese imports here!!

My friend has agreed to photograph the petti on herself, with her amazing photo talents! ;) So you will probably be seeing this beautiful creation in the shop soon!



  1. Mrs. Williams said...

    Really cute pettiskirt dress..Totally for New Years or even Valentines given the right colors!!