Merry Christmas To All and a Happy New Year Too!! Im a little late..

2:14 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas! I'm super excited to be getting back to work!! My next craft show is 3 months away (long time!) but I need to be stocking up inventory. I put it up on my "ready to ship" section as I go, so you can take advantage of the already made stuff too!

So this is what I have in the works..

Petal Knot Dresses... My variation will not have the attachable apron. You can always request it! But I think I like the look of the dress by its self.

Drop Waist Skirts...

Chef's Hats and Little Aprons

And a few more! Now.. to find the time to do it all!!! :/

So about these last few days off..

Christmas was relaxing!! And we actually had a white Christmas here in Texas! I think Christmas Eve was the absolute coldest! That wind was brutal!! My family celebrates Christmas Eve so we had to get out there and drive in the ice and snow. I know its not as bad as some places, being from Poland, I know it can be much worse!! But thats how this time of year is supposed to be isn't it? :) I enjoyed the change. Spring is coming soon anyway..which always brings hot weather!!

Pretty, isn't it?

Here we all are, gathered by the fire!

My little niece got a TYS hat! :) Isn't she cute in it!?

My bird got a Spiderman bike from grandma and grandpa! AKA Santa!

And a play kitchen from mommy and daddy! (also known as Santa)

So the New Year is upon us!! I like the feeling of starting over and reinventing. I hope you all have a beautiful and successful New Year! I have high hopes for 2010. :)