Catching Up!

1:58 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

What a rediculously stressful past couple of weeks!!

First, during Urban Bazaar my husband and son were in a car wreck. :( It was a hit ad run accident and (ofcourse) the guy who ran is no where to be found. Thankfully, everyone is okay. But my car on the other hand.. is not. I've been meaning to post photos of the car that is no longer. But I haven't had a chance to take photos of it. Its terrible!

Second, my wallet was stolen :( Thankfully, I didnt have anything other than change in it. And I already cancalled my cards.

Third, my condo was flooded with water because of a bathtub leak! (Well only in the bedroom/bathroom part of the house) The downstairs neighbors were pretty upset about that. It only left a bit of a bubble on their ceiling and my husband (who does remodeling for a living) offered to fix it free of charge. The neighbors went ahead and remodeled their condo this week.. i guess they decided it was time becuase of the ceiling bubble?

And a few other random small things that I am not even going to mention because I dont want to rant! :)
I'll tell ya! When it pours!
So now, sharing a car for work/craft shows (a painting SUV no less) is going to be ultra difficult. Becuase our hours conflict so much.

So most of you noticed, there is no giveaway this month.. and this is why! So I'll start it back up in November when things have finally calmed down.

In the mean time, I have a few fabulous new items to share!

Thank you Misty Jones Photography for the AWESOME PHOTOS!!
Lemony Ruffle Bottom Bloomers:

Pecan Pie Ruffle Bloomers:

Pumpkin Spice Ruffle Bum Bloomers:

AND!! Im working on pettiskirts!! Here's what my first one looks like. I have 2 done so far and let me tell you!! They will be worth the wait!!

Here I am sewing for hours.. my face says: Dont photograph me I am tired!

Fluffy and fun!!
(Pardon my photo skills) :(


  1. The Mommy Homemaker said...

    Wow, what a stressful few weeks for you! I hope things get better soon! ~Marina