Western Day!

4:00 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

Today was Western Day!

So if you live in Texas (or at least in the Lewisville area) you put on your cowboy boots and hat and had a good ol' time at Western Day in Old Town!
I remembered that it started today and thought we could make the parade. Dakota really loves parades. Unfortunately, Western Day occurred to me too late and we arrived at the very end of the parade. I didn't have a chance to snap a photo of a particularly freaky float we saw.. it was a real man on top of a car getting eaten by a fake ware wolf? I'm not sure who the sponsor was, but it looked kinda scary!! I really liked it though, I thought it was creative!

We were able to see some of the different cars they had at the car show. There were definitely some interesting ones!

LOL! Surf Wagon! With hula dancers on the dash! This one was Jeff's favorite.

Look at the colors on these! Bright pink and neon green. Reminds me of the Disney/Pixar Cars movie

I love these things..

Dakota was also first in line to get a tattoo. His newest favorite discovery.