Fall's a comin'!

10:38 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

And that could only mean one thing!! Halloween, cool weather, and that the end of the year is approaching!! Can you believe it? Oh, how time flies!

With that being said, check out the DARLING new "treats" available in the online shop! Photo's by the one and ONLY Ms. Misty Jones of Misty Jones Photography.

Tiny Trick Or Treater Pinnie:

This one was a hit last year! I thought I would revamp the image and see if it's as popular as last years!!

Matching bloomers are always available! I have these in stock and ready to ship in all sizes

Reverse side:
These Boo! Bloomers are also available in black with purple and green lettering.
Oktoberfest Addison TX is right around the corner! (Next Thurs. Fri. Sat. and Sun.) Be sure to stop by our booth at the arts and crafts tents and say your a blog reader or facebook follower and recieve 10% off your purchase! :) We hope to see you there!!


  1. Zingo Tots said...

    So cute! Love that pinnie! Addison, eh? My best friend from high school is a chiropractor and her office is in Addison! I will have to forward your shop info to her! She has three little ones under 3!

  2. Three Yellow Starfish said...

    Thank you!! :)

    And thank you for forwarding my info to your friend! Thats super nice of you! I live like 5 minutes from Addison so I would be able to meet her for delivery if she ever wanted to! lol.

    I think I will be a rare find at Oktoberfest this year, so I am a bit worried about it. I see a lot of woodworking vendors and German costume vendors on the talent list link on the site.

    Although there were some awesome jewelery sellers too! So you never know! Wish me luck!! :)