Back From Oktoberfest!

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So as many of you know Oktoberfest in Addison was last weekend! I am finally getting a chance to sit down and blog about it.

Thursday started off with a MUDDY MESS. I went there to set up my booth and all of the rain turned the ground into mush. It was disgusting. I sank into it like quick sand. So since there as mud all over me and my clothing, I figured it would be a bad idea to even take out and display any of my inventory at all considering the fact that my entire booth was muddy as heck!
So we we decided to have a family night instead.
We went home, changed, and came back just to check everything out. I wasn't surprised when I noticed that no one wanted to walk into the muddy mess that was next to our booth. I guess it was a good idea to skip Thursday vending after all! We went and watched the clown/circus act instead and Dakota won what I assume is a goldfish. He appropriately named him Nemo.

Then we went to Pei Wei and Dakota's favorite place.. Starbucks.

Friday was a little better but still bad. They put down a ton of mulch..this would have been good! But the mulch hadn't been used for over 2 years and it was sitting there decomposing in what I can only assume was a warehouse of some sort. So once it was on the ground the entire place reeked of farm smells, but more like ammonia mixed with the scent of cow.

This is the mulch which was previously nothing but mud on Thursday:

So now my inventory was sure to stink!! I toughed it out and stayed all of Friday, it turned out that I actually did really really well that day. I was able to find a pair of boots the night before. (The last size 10 they had at Target.. I usually wear size 9 but hey! I would take what I could get.)

Dakota was super scared of stepping in mud because he tought his shoes and socks would get soaked like the day before. So he sat on the chair most of the time.

So here's the booth!

I created these Ruffle Halloween bloomers pretty much last minute, you like?

Then, I packed up all of my items at the end of the night. The other vendors thought I was crazy.. but I really really didn't want the mulch smell all over the clothing. So it took me an extra hour or so to fold everything up into the tupper boxes neatly so nothing would wrinkle. Because I did NOT want to stay up all night ironing! UGH

Saturday was warm and a lot better!! The stench of mulch still lingered in the air. But people were coming out and it was fun! I got to get away for a bit and watch the daschund races. We had potato pancakes and overall it was just a really nice and sunny day! I even got to purchase some pretty wooden roses!!
I origionally got the purple..but I decided I was a red/orange/yellow sort of gal so I went back and bought some more!

Sunday was fine as well! The festival was coming to a close and it only lasted about 6 hrs. It was a nice day and we definitely did well enough to do it again! Lots of work though. I had to have the clothing lightly dry cleaned after all because they did end up smelling like mulch. :/ No matter how hard I tried!
My next craft show is the White Rock Lake October Market. So come on out and say hello! 15% off for all my readers and facebook fans (just make sure to mention it when you are making a purchase!)

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: St. Thomas Aquinas Lower School (The North Campus Facility)
Street: 6255 Mockingbird Lane (one block west of Abrams and Mockingbird)
City/Town: Dallas, TX


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The cutest little guy:

Here he is wearing one of the crochet hats! See! Cute on both boys and girls


  1. serendipitymama said...

    I love the booth set up! If I ever get organized enough to do a show I will have to set up like you! Also I LOVE the Hallowe'en bloomers, I will definately be convo'ing you about those!
    Cheers, Zoe

  2. Jenny said...

    Congratulations on the upcoming magazines features! Im so excited for you...must remember to check your etsy shop for fabric scraps, looks like you are going to be very busy!! Your booth looks fabulous, and like a lot of work!

  3. Three Yellow Starfish said...

    Thanks Jenny!! I decided to hold of on relisting them.. Altough I do get inquiries about the scraps often!! lol. I think I might want to try a few things with them myself.. we shall see! :)

  4. Three Yellow Starfish said...

    Thanks Zoe!! Im not fully done with the set up. I still want a banner and to possibly dress up the gridwall so it doesnt look so bare. ;)

  5. Mir said...

    That is such an adorable dress stand! It's perfect for your pinnies!