Hey all!!

1:40 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

The Highland Village Balloon Festival was this past weekend!! I had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people ever!!!

Although, for most of the weekend the balloons were unable to take off due to the windy weather conditions we still had a great time! A sweaty good time! lol. :)

Here we are ready to mingle! :

Dakota visited the last day for an hour:

I bought him a Thomas train from my booth neighbor..a lady who owns a toy store in Denton..she then gave him the "James" character train for free.. she was too sweet!!

Jeff made me a new display!! This is my new set up, it sure beats those cheap looking clothing racks! lol. :)

The carving on the side is not done yet. But I like how the fabric fills in the bird here:

Our other neighbor Something Wood (who does the best hand carving decor and other items) gave Jeff some tips and tricks that were a great help!! They were also kind enough to give Dakota a handmade wooden car.. which was too nice of them! Thank you all! I just love meeting new people!

Isn't she cute?? LOL. My momma started crocheting the hats (I may have mispelt that)

Thank you Dorothy for the photos!! Your the best!!

Thanks again everyone! We will see you in Norman, OK next weeekend!!