Crochet Hats Are Here!!

9:12 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

Yeah! I finally have some awesome crochet hats up and ready for purchase! Again, thank you Misy Jones Photography!! ! Your little girl is a doll!

And for the best part, we are using a lot of eco-friendly yarns. Not all of them are eco friendly but a good majority are. We are leaning towards the ones that are, anything to help the environment!
Most of these yarns consists of 80% Acrylic and 20% of a specially processed fiber produced from recycled plastic bottles. The recycled plastic bottles are thoroughly cleaned and refined, a process that completely removes any residue from the plastic bottles. This assures a fresh, clean yarn. (This same fiber is used in cotton/polyester sweaters and socks.)

There are lots of colors to choose from! You can even choose your own.

1. Peacock 2. Cranberry3. Old Rose 4. Dark Raspberry 5. Burnt Pumpkin 6. Turquoise 7. Toasted Almond 8. Brown 9. Light Sage 10. Orchid 11. Light Peach 12. Grape 13. Royal 14. Aubergine 15. Ivory 16. Limelight

1. Autumn Red 2. Bone 3. Chocolate 4. Iris 5. Green 6. Heather Grey 7. Rubine Red 8. Violet 9. Soft Pink 10. Ocean 11. Peachy 12. Natural 13. Sundrop 14. Soft Taupe 15. Mango 16. Watermelon 17. Blue Mint 18. Lemonade 19. Rose Violet 20. Dark Country Blue 21. Country Blue 22. Dark Sage 23. White 24. Black

I think my all time favorite color is the Autumn Red. I tried to get a closer photo, but it's really more stunning in person. I really like the pumpkin, olive, and mustard like shades too. I think the Autumn Red really captures the essance of fall, for me anyway.


  1. Mir said...

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff. Your peacock pinnie and the little cowgirl will be mine as soon as it starts to get cooler here (94 degrees). Just wondering but why don't you have a store web site? You have all the perfect pieces for one....

  2. Three Yellow Starfish said...

    Thanks Mir! Right now I just sell on Etsy.

    A friend of mine is working on a store website for me. So its in the works! :)