Long Overdue!

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Okay, I have been severely neglecting this blog!!! Finally! Here is my long overdue post!

I have been incredibly busy lately! I can't even believe the amount of things I have gotten accomplished in the last few weeks! I was working like a mad woman on all of the items that I was going to bring to the Indie Shop Soiree. I don't think I saw the daylight for like a week during that time! Turns out, the show wasn't as busy as we all hoped so I guess I didn't need to be preparing that many items after all! :/ But now I have a whole bunch of ready to ship items! And! I don't have to work as hard to prepare for the next craft show! woohoo! So it all works out in the end.

Luckily, I was able to spend some much needed time with my son and husband Monday and Tuesday of this week as well as last! We visited the museum of Nature and Science and saw the "dinosaur bones" my son was so anxious to see! He loved them! After that we got bubble tea and sat around at their table for a bit! Which Dakota loves to do.

We also went to see "the mouser movie" aka G-Force. Mousers are a made up word for hamsters, gerbils, Guinea pigs, mice, and other small rodents. Kids are so cute sometimes!

I cant even believe how well behaved he is in public! Hes only 3 and he's super amazing!! I love taking him out because he always listens!! I wonder how the heck that happened! He also recently started using the big potty. He's been using the small "big kid potty" but now hes moved up to the big white one and we fully took the small one away. I cant believe hes at that stage already! I just want him to be little forever.


The Indie Shop Soiree was a lot of fun! I enjoyed seeing a whole bunch of crafty items and familiar faces from Etsy Dallas :)

There I am! We're finishing up the set up for the show.

My helper/sister and husband
Dorothy the great!

Me and my hubby!
Me! :)

More Exciting News!!

The Highland Village Balloon Festival is coming!! Join us on August 14th,15th, and 16th for the craft tents, sky divers, the balloon glow, the carnival, balloon lifts, competitions, live entertainment, food, and exhibits!

Date: August 14, 15, and 16th
Time: 3pm-11pm (detailed schedule available on their website)
Location: Copperas Branch Park on Lake Lewisville in Highland Village, TX

Visit http://www.hvballoonfest.com/ for a detailed schedule and more information! :)

OOH! I'm so excited to have been featured in 3 treasuries these past 2 days! 2 on Sunday and one today!

Our Lime Bloomers were featured in this lovely treasury by Jen of Etsy shop chickypoo209

TYS Lime Bloomers must be a favorite!! They were featured twice in one day by the super cute Etsy shop thejoyofjess

Our Almond Aviary Reversible Pinnie was featured in this Fall like treasury by Jill of bellalulu on Etsy. I LOVE the colors in this one!!

Thank you ladies!! Lovely treasuries!!!

Don't forget to enter this months giveaway for the Skully Bloomers!! Winner chooses size! HURRY! Giveaway ends on Friday the 31st!

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