Im Back!

8:16 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

I'm back!!

I FINALLY got the Internet back up at my house. Last weeks storms really did some crazy damage around the neighborhood! Thankfully only my DSL line paid the price. I couldn't believe all of the trees that fell down in my moms neighborhood!! It was a pretty intense storm! Even the parking lot lights at Starbucks that were cemented into the ground took a dive! The police security tower thing fell off its stand and nearly crushed a friends car! That's some harsh Texas weather!!
Hopefully the storms die down for the rest of the season! :/ Now, I'm playing catch up with all of my orders due to the power outages.
On a more positive note, I have some new items in my shop!! Thank you Ms. Misty Jones of!! :) These photos are darling! You have the cutest models on the planet!

Here they are!! And MORE to come!!

Peacock Reversible Pinnie:

Reverse Side:

Fairy Tip Toes Reversible Pinnie:

Reverse Side:

Frenchie Reversible Pinnie:

Magenta Leaves Reversible Pinnie:

Robot Camp Reversible Overalls:

Here is the Robot Camp print up close:

These are all available in the shop! Or you can email me about them at

I don't even know how I did it or if its humanly possible but this week I got busy and was able to sew 45 dresses!! (and construct 25 bloomers) I couldn't believe it when I counted them!! I'm still putting the finishing touches on the dresses (I wont go to bed until 3am again!) but they will all be done! These are for orders, large orders (for the ever so patient Ms. Cynthia!), and to prepare for my craft shows.
Just an FYI: My next show is the Indie Shop Soiree (THANK YOU FOR THE TIP ETSY DALLAS!! Gotta love Twitter!!)

So after this entire crazy hard working week I cant wait to kick back with some friends and relax at the pool for some birthday fun tomorrow!! My birthday was officially on the 15th of June but Hey! Who says you cant enjoy it a week later? I borrowed my sisters camera so I hope to actually take a few photos this time!! My poor sister has to miss the fun because shes getting all of her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow!! Crazy girl! I hope you recover quickly!!