My Polish Heritage

11:38 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

So its 1:39 AM and I'm up sewing/completing orders while listening to infomercials.

Tonight's infomercial has really caught my attention. I usually think they are bogus.. I mean..why else would they come on at 2 AM? But Rosetta Stone -Language Learning has really caught my attention this evening.

Coming from a Polish background, I want to make sure that the Polish language remains in my family. After all, I was born there and have lived there for the first 6 years of my life..but I have a feeling the language will end with my generation. I felt very sad when the other day I was reviewing body parts with my son in Polish only to hear him say... "NO mommy! Thats my eye! EYE!!!" I don't know if it's just a stage my 3 year old is going through or what but he used to recite his body parts in Polish without flaws..and now he argues and refuses to repeat and memorize.

My husband on the otherhand, is basically American and speaks only English. He REALLY REALLY wants me to teach him Polish (not like I haven't tried, he was doing well for a while) I drilled him with flashcards until he got bored of it. When we have family gatehering (birthdays, holidays, and whatever else) He always really wants to understand what everyone is talking about. Understandably so..

But even for me, being married to an and English speaking man for almost 3 years, speaking nothing but English to everyone other than my mom and dad, and being around the English language basically 24/7 .. you tend to forget words here and there.. and then sentences.. and then your accent dies down...and you forget how to write in your second language becuase it has been years since your mother has forced you to go to Polish class on a Friday night.
I think this Rosetta Stone business is sounding more and more appealing. Especially since it is something me, my husband, and my son can all benefit from. The only thing is that it seems a bit expenisive and I want to make sure I am getting my money's worth before I make such a large purchase.

Has anyone out there ever tried Rosetta Stone or any other foreign language teaching aid? Any luck? Is it worth the money?

I did visit Poland about a year and a half ago with my son, since I do still have a large portion of my family that lives there. My family owns a lot of land out there.. people are shocked to hear we own 3 forests!! Haha!! I think it's a total of 8 acres of land.. and a VERY modern house (my grandparents are 21st century kind of people) HAH!!

Dakota with his great grandparents. Zwierzyniec, Poland 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's house-its a pinkinsh shade of orange. All the nicer homes there are colored like this. Either yellows, oranges, even greens.. I did see a straw house though! Good thing no one lived there

Its all very green

Me and Dakota

A tractor! We live in the country side.


  1. nan16 said...

    Great pictures. I didn't know you went to Poland. How wonderful. A word about Rosetta Stone. The U. S. Military uses it to teach their soldiers foreign languages, especially the officers. I have also heard it is easy to use and easier to learn from than any other language software. It is expensive but once you learned it you could sell it on eBay. I wanted to buy the Italian or French one but haven't decided I could even remember any of it! LOL!

  2. three yellow starfish said...

    Thank you! Yes, we went a while ago..just me and Dakota. Rosetta Stone sounds fabulous I might have to invest in that.