Funky Finds Spring Fling!!

8:19 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

I've been having issues with my old HP laptop. Well it's only a year old.. but we got a new Dell and I am back on the internet! :)

Spring Fling was awesome! What a SUPER FUN craft show. I had the pleasure of meeting a whole bunch of new people including Etsy Dallas members! I really loved it, it was my very first craft show and I was a bit nervous but all in all I thought it went very very well! Here are some photos of our booth courtesy of my sister Dorothy. Its a very amatuer booth so dont laugh!!

We had a clothes rack to the side, that was not photographed..for those who are interested in finding out where the dresses are! :)

Me and the baskets o'bloomers

A handmade sign by my lovely sister!

Now on to Etsy Spring Bash!! Lots of fun for everyone!!

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  1. nan16 said...

    Love the way you had your booth set up. I see that there was no back to the booth. That's where some shutters might work to hang your hangers on. Unless of course, they didn't allow it to be closed off. Thanks for the link.