8:08 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

Yay! I finally got the Photo CD of Dakotas birthday shoot! All photos by the lovely Ms. Katie Branch of Las Colinas TX. She's really great with kids!! Dakota would just want to hold her hand all day and play "break the pickle" with her dog, Captain. This is where he joins his 2 pointer fingers together, sticks them out, and asks the puppy to break the pickle. When the puppy doesnt, he says "Tickle tickle!!!" and tickles the puppies feet. Gently ofcourse.

I love he camera she uses in these. I believe it's a Canon Rebel. Im pooling my money together to get one like this so that I can take some decent photos. My Sony Cybershot really really sucks! The photos always turn out yellow or blurry! Even my husband...who knows a thing or two about photography cant work with it unless ofcourse you dont mind that its blurry or yellow. :/