No one likes being sick..

6:41 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

These past 2 days have been a nightmare!

My little boy somehow got infected with what seems like uveitis :( We dont go to daycare, we havent done anything different, everything was exactly as it is every day. But somehow he spent all of yesterday with his eyes closed. He cried and screamed, you could really tell he was in pain.

However, we were able to go to the doctor this morning and they perscribed a cream to sooth his eye. Almost immidiatley after we put it on he was able to open his eyes. Its so sad! Becuase he would play with his toys but with his eyes closed. Or watch a movie with his eyes closed. I got worried (ofcourse) and thought that it might impair his vision somehow? But the doctor assured me that this was not at all the case. Thank goodness! Poor baby.