BUSY BUSY Month and February Giveaway Extended!

9:59 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

What a busy month!!

In my family, everyone's birthday happens to land in Feb. Its the busiest month ever. This month we celebrated... my mom's birthday, my husbands b-day, my sons b-day, my 2 aunts birthday, my 2 uncles birthdays, valentines day, and my husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 3rd as well. Such a short month and so much to do. Its almost over though! 2 more parties and we will be through...whew! Not to mention, all of the orders to keep up with on top of all of these festivities.

Im going to pick up Dakota's birthday shots from my friend that did a photo shoot for him last week. Im sooo excited to see them!! She lives in a really nice apartment complex with great scenery so they should be great! They have a giant chess set by the pool, their clubhouse has all different colored walls and eccentric chairs. They have crazy fountains and pretty flowers. I bet they turned out fantastic!!

My sister bought Dakota a "Yo Gabba Gabba" toy for his birthday. It's DJ Lance's hat and glasses and when you dance in it, it makes music. Well, he refuses to wear the hat but loves the glasses. He's very trendy in them

So with that said, I thought this was a funny shot:

In other news, I'm postponing the February Giveaway until March 10th so that more people have a chance to enter! Please click on the hyperlink and leave a comment including your email address so that I can alret the winner!