New Years Resolution and Other Events

9:32 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

I hope everyone has had a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!! It's been both stressful and relaxing for me :) I've had a chance to visit a lot of family this holiday and spend time with my little family as well.

We're trying to get the house fixed up (still) in time for Dakota's 3rd birthday. But the good new is that it isn't until Feb. 20th! So there still is a bit of time left. My husband is actually on the last room right now so the major stuff is done.

I've decided that my new years resolution is to adapt to the vegan lifestyle as best as possible. You'd be suprised what they put in food these days. We truley live on a poisoned planet. I recently read a fantastic book that someone recommended to me. With this book, I've learned to read the ingredients on everything I buy for my self and my son..I feel that we are on a steady path to healthy living.

In other news! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my brother in law and his now fiance! They recently became engaged (New Years Eve). How wonderful!! I can't wait for the wedding :)

Arent they a handsome couple? Congrats to Matt and Ashley! Im truley excited for you both!

SO! What are your new years resolutions?


  1. Ricki said...

    Very cute couple, congrats to them!

    What was the book you read?

  2. three yellow starfish said...

    haha! well the book is NOTHING what the title suggests. But it is called "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. I HIGHLY reccomend it. It really breaks down whats in food as well as what is safe and things to avoid for the health of yourself and your children. One thing that stood out to me, that I had no idea about was the fact that traces of antibiotics, steroids, morphine, and even rocket fuel! Even if you hate vegans or vegitarians or whatever you should still give this book a read and draw your own conclusions :)

  3. three yellow starfish said...

    oh i guess i left out that it was milk that had all those traces..