Just An Update!

9:41 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

So we've been helping each other out Etsy with this whole Consumer Product Saftey Improvement Act (CPSIA) using the forums and such.
I guess from what we all understand right now.. its not mandatory to have 3rd party testing, however it is still mandatory to make sure you are doing some form of safety testing. In May they will clarify the law more so that we know all of the regulations and then in August I hear that 3rd party (lab) testing for ALL children's products under the age of 12 NEEDS to be tested for lead and other chemicals. (Even though there is absolutley NO lead in cotton or apparel and even though the products you use may have already been tested) Thats where the law stands as of lately. I swear that Etsy CPSIA forum updates every 3 seconds with something new. So you never know what will happen! It's really great though! Especially for quick help and great info!

SO! Im doing local lead testing to comply with this law and so that I will be able to sell my fun items to you all! (for at least a little while longer)

In other news.. the warm weather is coming (in Texas anyway!) and I'm getting busier and busier!! Which is always nice! I also have 1 new photographer that is interested in taking photos of my bloomers! Which is also fantastic becuase I think Im starting annoy Summer (my current photographer) haha!

This year I will be doing my first craft show ever sponsored by Funky Finds. The show is caled Spring Fling and it is going to take place in Fort Worth on April 25th 2009 (Nan you should come!!!) Its free to everyone with a BUNCH of fantastic artists of all kind. Im on the vendors list! YAY!

My son Dakota is turning 3 this Feb 20th and we are ready to celebrate!! My friend Katie is going to take some awesome (discounted) birthday photos as well as headshots (for his modeling career!) next week! Im SUPER excited becuase they will be awesome and professional! Unlike the ones I usually take :( I will be sure to post when I get them. I was thinking..open field..colorful balloons and cute skully bloomers?

We recently got done redoing the house again.. thats what happens when my husband has no remodeling work during the winter. Its a nice change though. Everything looks so much more open and fresh. Like spring! I always listen to Dakota talk about how he likes to "texture the walls" like daddy. I think its cute when a 3 year old wants to texure the walls.

Jeff (my husband) got a letter from the city of Mesquite today to take his FIREFIGHTER ENTRANCE EXAM!! WOO! We are all so excited for him becuase he's really been stressing about it and its one of his great ambitions. Now to study and pass the test!