Crazy At IKEA

5:59 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

My hectic day...

The other day I was checking my email and came across an IKEA "1 Day Sale" email. I skimmed through it and found one of the prettiest duvet covers I've ever laid eyes on. The best news was that on January 31st this particular duvet cover was going to cost 19.99 (all sizes) when it's original price is 99.00 (the king size).

My husband and I decided that we would like to go there early and take advantage of this sale. We got there around 10:00am and it was just CRAZY!! I know they were having a 1 day sale but it looked like it was Black Friday in there!! We spent about 20 min looking in the sheet and bed spread section trying to find this particular duvet cover. After a while I decided to ask a lady where the ones on the advertisement were. She directed me all the way to the cashier section.

We went there and saw 4 IKEA workers (men) standing around like guards of the duvet covers. I ask one of them where I could find a king size cover. He tells me they sold out 10 min ago!! I was so upset!! He told me I could wait by the "king size" bin because the catch was that these covers were limited to 1 per household (a lot of people didn't know about this, and were getting quite mad when they heard the news). Well it just so happens that the waiting line for a king size was already about 4-5 people long. (They were waiting for one of the covers to come back when someone tried to purchase more than 1 per household). These IKEA guys were monitoring the cashier area to make sure that no one purchased more than 1 set.

They informed one lady *because she was holding 4 to purchase) and she FREAKED OUT!! Telling him that what he was doing was illegal! And that she was buying them anyway! I believe they had to escort her out of the area. MADNESS!

We walked around and decided to grab one of the last queen sizes. They only had orange and purple left. I grabbed the purple. I really wanted one of the gray ones but those were nowhere to be found. So my husband and I are discussing weather or not we should get the queen and went to check out some other stuff before we left. 5 min later we come back to check out and guess what? The queen sizes are completely gone (good thing I grabbed one!) The IKEA men were still policing the premises.


But it turns out that the queen actually fits the king size bed just fine! And I was very lucky to have gotten such a GREAT deal!!


  1. Ricki said...

    You are so much more brave than I, and next time I get one of those e-mails I am not even going to LOOK at it knowing what you just told!

    I did go to their garage sale last year and got my king size latex mattress for HALF PRICE (saved $400!) because it had a scuff mark on it....I heart IKEA deals :)

  2. Zingo Tots said...

    What a story! Every time I go to is absolute madness! The last time I went, our daughter was a newborn. I was soooo frustrated about not being able to push her stroller through the crowds....I left!

  3. three yellow starfish said...

    Haha! Ricki! I dont think Im going to look next time either! We usually go in the evenings and things are pretty calm but woah..

    And that is an AWESOME deal I love the "as is" section!

  4. three yellow starfish said...

    Zingo Tots, I totally know what you mean! We had that same issue with our son. Its like everyone is in the way. :)