An Update On Reversible Overalls..

11:58 AM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

So! Im closer and closer to getting the reversible overalls out on my shop. There was a slight sizing problem. They were coming out too wide :/ but I have fixed the problem and have to re-test them on neices and nephews, just to make sure..then ship them to the photographer...get photos taken and all of that.

So maybe another week? I hope. It's never easy coming out with new items. I sent out a boat load of stuff for Summer to photograph last week so Im anticipating those photos!

Also, I found the most fantastic fabrics for Spring/Summer pinnies and bloomers and hopefully overalls as well. I have to post a few pics.. Im IN LOVE with these. They are by Patty Young

Also! I talked to a boutique owner here in Dallas and I am meeting with her next week to show her some samples of my items. Im super excited!! And really hope that she decides to carry my items! :D


  1. embaby said...

    I love these Patty Young fabric!! Can't wait to see your pinafores in them!!

  2. three yellow starfish said...

    Thank you!!! I cant wait either. I wish there were more hours in the day. I have so much fabric and so little time. I hear the fabric supplier has a few more coming in from that line!

  3. jane said...

    Love the new fabric choice. I think it will make fabulous children's clothing! Love your shop. Keep up the good work!

    xo jane

  4. Bubbie said...

    Pretty prints! I'm thinking Valentine's day!