Reversible Overalls Almost Ready For SALE!!

12:23 PM Posted by Three Yellow Starfish

Im SOSOSOSO excited becuase I FINALLY figured out how to make my REVERSIBLE OVERALLS look perfect!!! YES! This has been an ongoing project that I could not figure out. And it only took me about 3-4 tries, sewing, seam ripping, lots of frustration, aggravation, and even tears but I finally have em'! This is the basic process that usually takes place when I develop new items.

Now, I need some babies of all ages to try them out on. :) Just in time for when it gets cold! This might be the next giveaway. But Im not totally sure yet (I want to make sure the sizing is correct)

But in the meantime here are some of the fabrics Im ordering for the overalls:

Im loving the woodgrain prints right now. They are so mesmerizing.

Here is a Valentines Day Pinnie (I know its early) That I have in the works as well: PRE-ORDERS WELCOME!!

And 1 more:


  1. Dorothy said...

    cute fabrics! i love the wood grain one. can't wait to see the new stuff!

  2. three yellow starfish said...

    thanks!! :) I cant wait to show it to you. too bad you arent working today, I would show you the test sample I did. Maybe tomorrow..

  3. The Perfect Trio said...

    I have a baby that could be your little model!!! Well, he's 18 months old but he still wears this sort of thing!!! And I have a bitty baby that will be here in 4 weeks!!!

    Just lettin' ya know! ;O)


  4. The Perfect Trio said... now that the fabrics are showing up for me I see that you may not need a boy model...LOL...but, should you know where to find me! :o)


  5. three yellow starfish said...

    I will keep you in mind Melissa! Im always looking for little testers to try out and model new items!!

  6. Lisa said...

    I found you on Etsy, you have beautiful merchandise. I LOVE the fabric combinations for your overalls. I may have to order some for my baby girl (currently 8 months and gorgeous!). I've done some neat portraiture photography with her too, if you need a baby girl model.

  7. three yellow starfish said...
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  8. three yellow starfish said...

    Lisa! Thank you for the compiliments! I always love to showcase customer appreciation photos!!

  9. sharon said...

    love the valentine's day pinnies!

  10. three yellow starfish said...

    thank you!!